14th EAUN Meeting

14th International EAUN Meeting: 16 -18 March 2013

The 14th EAUN Meeting was a well-attended three-day programme, which offered its 400 participants a varied scientific programme over the course of three days. The programme took place in two rooms simultaneously, giving the participating nurses a chance to follow their interests.

The hands-on training cystoscopy course was well-received by the participants, and singled out as a good example of what the EAUN can offer by the board. A video session, “Inside the body: Surgery in Motion” also received high praise in post-meeting surveys, as did the panel discussions, the EAUN Nursing Research Competition and the many state-of-the-art lectures.

This year’s EAUN meeting also featured a revamped booth, which gave members and non-members alike the opportunity to make membership inquiries and get informed about future activities. Nurses were also invited to visit the local San Raffaele and San Raffaele Turro hospitals, getting an impression of urology nursing in Italy. A special nurses’ dinner provided a social evening with music and an informal atmosphere.

Nurses examine debate on PCa screening

Urology nurses examined the pros and cons regarding prostate cancer screening at the 14th International EAUN Meeting held in Milan, Italy, with prostate cancer experts from Europe sharing their views on the controversial subject.

“There is a lot of debate and opinions on this subject, and as urological nurses we are often the link between doctors and their patients. This session aims not only to inform our members but also to get the views from both sides of the issue, including patients themselves,” said Willem de Blok, who chaired the debate session on prostate cancer screening.

About EAUN

The roots of the European Association of Urology Nurses can be traced back to the late 1990s.

During that time, many practitioners in the field of urology nursing were looking for opportunities to work within an organised international network – at that time, professional nurses associations only existed in several European countries.

This new-found energy of collaboration between urology nurses from different European countries powered the foundation of the EAUN. The EAUN is now a solid association with over 2,000 members which is steadily growing to maturity.